Buses carrying migrants arrive at NJ train stations; Secaucus mayor expresses concerns

SECAUCUS, NJ – A total of 23 buses carrying 1,017 migrants arrived at train stations across New Jersey, with 11 buses and 953 migrants passing through Secaucus Junction, Mayor Michael Gonnelli announced today.

While most migrants continued their journey to New York City by train, 64 traveled to other locations, raising concerns about the potential impact on local resources.

Photo of Secaucus Mayor Michael Gonnelli

“I am monitoring the situation closely and working with law enforcement at all levels, as well as County and State officials,” Gonnelli said in a statement. “Thus far, most of the migrants continued to their final destination, and I have not seen any impact on our local services.”

However, Gonnelli expressed concerns during a recent call with State officials about the lack of a clear plan if migrants choose to stay in New Jersey. He emphasized that Secaucus would not be able to shoulder the burden alone and stressed the importance of collaboration with County and State partners.

“While at the moment the impact on our Town has been minimal, I plan to do everything I can to be prepared and do what is best for our community,” Gonnelli stated.

The Mayor’s statement reflects the ongoing challenges faced by communities across the country as they grapple with the influx of migrants. Secaucus’ experience highlights the need for clear communication, cooperation, and resource allocation at all levels of government to address the situation effectively.