Secaucus, NJ – Mayor Michael Gonnelli has endorsed Tammy Murphy for the 2024 Senate election.

Gonnelli’s endorsement comes on the heels of Murphy’s official campaign announcement, where she outlined her vision for a more equitable and prosperous New Jersey. Murphy emphasized her commitment to fighting for affordable healthcare, expanding access to quality education, and protecting the environment.

The 2024 Senate election is shaping up to be a competitive race, with several candidates vying for the Democratic nomination. However, with the endorsement of Hudson County Democrats, Tammy Murphy will have a competitive edge through the “county line”.

Pinkesh, a resident of Hamon Cove, expressed some doubts over Gonnelli’s backing of the county line, “While I respect Mayor Gonnelli’s endorsement, I think voters should be able to choose their candidates independently. It’s disappointing to see our leaders continue to support Hudson County’s political bosses.”

Several other candidates are vying for the Democratic nomination, including Congressman Andy Kim and activist Lawrence Hamm. Additionally, Senator Menendez has not yet announced whether he will seek re-election, and his potential candidacy would further complicate the race.