East Rutherford, NJ – The American Dream mall has started testing a massive LED screen on the exterior of its Nickelodeon Universe theme park. Featuring over 10 million pixels, the digital billboard is one of the largest in New Jersey.

Picture of a the large digital billboard at sunset.  The billboard is displaying bright colors: purple, red, green with various holes in the images. It need to be fixed.
LED screen displaying a bright test pattern.

Some Secaucus residents are worried that the screen will be too bright and that it could make it difficult to enjoy the Secaucus Greenway and Hackensack River, disrupt their sleep, or reduce property values. Other digital billboards on the American Dream are illuminated around the clock.

The American Dream mall is a major attraction in New Jersey, but it is also a controversial development. Some residents have criticized the mall for its size and its impact on the environment.

We reached out to the American Dream but they did not respond for comment.