Secaucus Residents Hit With $258 Tax Hike

Secaucus, NJ – Secaucus residents are facing a $258 tax hike after the Town Council voted unanimously to raise taxes on June 27.

The increase is necessary to offset rising costs for insurance, debt service, and pensions. The average assessed home value in Secaucus is $178,101, so the tax hike will represent a 1.4% increase in property taxes for the average homeowner.

Mayor Michael Gonnelli said that he was “not happy” to have to raise taxes, but that it was necessary to keep the town running. He said that he hoped that the tax increase would be the last one that Secaucus residents would see.

The tax increase will go into effect on July 1, 2023.

Residents Outraged at Tax Hike

Many Secaucus residents are outraged by the tax hike. Some have said that they will be forced to make tough financial decisions in order to afford the increase.

“I’m already struggling to make ends meet,” said one resident. “This tax hike is going to make it even harder.”

Another resident said that she is considering moving out of Secaucus because of the tax hike.

“I can’t afford to live here anymore,” she said.

Town Council Defends Tax Hike

The Town Council has defended the tax hike, saying that it is necessary to keep the town running.

“We have always made it our priority to keep taxes stable and as low as possible,” said Councilman Robert Costantino. “Unfortunately, the current economic downturn we are all feeling, coupled by inflation and continually rising costs […] have made it impossible to keep taxes stable and avoid this increase.”

Councilman Robert Costantino, speaking about the budget

The Town Council has said that it is working to find ways to reduce costs in order to offset the tax hike. However, they have said that there is no easy solution.

Residents Urged to Contact Town Council

Residents who are concerned about the tax hike are urged to contact the Town Council. The contact information for the Town Council can be found on the town’s website.